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Thursday, 8 January 2015

January Week Two: Resist Techniques Part II

Welcome to week 2 of January’s Roadtrip. How are you finding the Journey so far? There some amazing experiments being posted to the Facebook feed every day, so if you haven’t already, I encourage you join the Driver Reviver Group and check it all out for yourself. 

Resist techniques are so varied that I wanted to spend two weeks exploring them. This week’s lesson shows three resists: Clear Heat Embossing, Diamond Glaze, and Sakura Glaze pen demonstrated by Joggles: 


  • Glossy Accents and Dimensional Magic are alternatives to look for if you can’t find Diamond Glaze in your locality.
  • I have also used Glossy Mod Podge and a product by Atelier called Matte Varnish successfully. I pour the glue into an empty fine tip bottle to write and draw with. Look for suitable empty bottles in art and craft stores, discount shops or online.
  • Watercolour paints can be used in place of spray inks.


  • I know that many of you probably already have heat embossing supplies. If you don’t, please don’t feel that you have to invest in these new products, you will make beautiful art with other methods.
  •  If you want to know how to heat emboss, here is a video tutorial to start you off:
  • If you are brand new to heat embossing and just want the bare essentials, I recommend you buy a Clear embossing ink pad and a Clear embossing powder.
  • YOU CANNOT USE A HAIRDRYER TO MELT EMBOSSING POWDER. They don’t get hot enough. You need a heat gun (also known as heating tool, embossing tool, or embossing gun).
  • You can buy heat tools for craft, or you may already have one in the garage: heat guns are also sold in hardware stores and are used to soften and remove paint and glue. They get a LOT hotter than the craft tools.

In last week’s lesson I suggested using tags to experiment with the new techniques. I wanted to share an idea that Lynne Tarrant showed in the Driver Reviver Group, in case you missed it:

Lynne is doing the technique on one side and writing the instructions for the technique on the back of the tag. Over the course of the Journey Lynne will create an entire reference library of mixed media techniques she can refer to whenever she wants. Great idea Lynne!

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