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Thursday, 1 January 2015

January Week One: Resist Techniques

Hello Arty Friends!

Welcome to the very first Roadtrip of the year! I am Jodi, and I will be your Guide this month. Annette, Lisa and I are so excited to have you on this journey with us! When we were discussing Journal Journey back in September 2014 we said “if we get 50 people to sign up, we’ll call it a success”. Little did we know that we would end up over 1000 people registering! My mind boggles and my heart warms thinking about how many of you are out there taking this Journey.

As this is the first email of the year, I will give you a summary of how we have planned to deliver the Journal Journey.

Each month we will have a Roadtrip, which is best described as a Theme, Challenge or Prompt for the month that will be explored in more detail during the Driver’s Ed and Destination weeks three and four.

Week 1 email: Will introduce the Roadtrip and send you on a Detour: a video tutorial that we have handpicked from the thousands available freely online that will teach a very specific technique that absolute beginners will be able to do, with basic or easily found supplies.
We will also link you to a carefully curated PINTEREST BOARD for the Roadtrip that features examples to inspire you, as well as extra videos and online tutorials. These boards will be added to throughout the year, so if you are a keen Pinner, make sure to “FOLLOW” Kreative Koncepts on Pinterest.
Week 2 email: Another video tutorial will be sent out in week two, this time the tutorial will be an intermediate or advanced technique that could require either a particular product or a special tool. We have called this the Stopover.
Week 3 email: The Driver’s Ed. This will be a full tutorial from one of your Guides to create a page for your Journey Journal. There will be a PDF and maybe a video to watch. The theme of the page will relate to the Roadtrip and will incorporate the techniques from the Detour and the Stopover.
Week 4 email: The Destination. This is the week the rest of the Guides share with you their pages based on the Roadtrip and the Detour. We will also share pages that participants have shared in the Driver Reviver Facebook Group. If there are any FAQs to be answered, look for them in this email.

If you want something to do every week, you can use the video tutorials as a starting point to create a page; or you can wait for week 3 and just make a page based on the Main Tutorial. Some Roadtrips may appeal to you more than others, so you might be inspired to do only one page. You might have a super-busy month and only have time for one page.  There are no deadlines in Journal Journey, you can go back to previous months and previous tutorials whenever you want.

Our first Roadtrip is called White With Two. Your mission is to use only white and two colours in creating your page/s this month. Sound boring? Hopefully I can change your mind by the end of the month. I have found lots of examples and saved them on January’s JJ Pinterest board.

How will you interpret the Roadtrip? You might pick just two tubes of paint (say Phthalo Blue and Rose Madder Red for a complimentary combination). Add white in varying amounts and you have everything from pale pink to a beautiful baby boy blue to play with.
You might want to be broader with your interpretation of the challenge, as I was. I chose my favourite colours, green and blue as my two (this is an analogous combination), so I could use Aquamarine, Viridian Green Hue, Process Cyan, Lime, Teal, Turquoise and about 10 other variations on my two colours, and that’s before I add the white! Of course, if you make more than one page based on the Roadtrip you can experiment with different colours and combinations to your hearts contents.

If colour theory is new to you, or you would like a refresher, check out this introduction. You can find basic colour wheels for sale at many art and craft stores.

If you prefer a digital alternative, check out or do a Google Image Search for a free printable.

I like to practice new techniques on large tags that I make from cheap white cardstock that I buy from the office supply store by the ream. Measurements for making tags (from A4 and Letter sized paper) are included in a separate PDF.


The Detour this month takes you to look at different Resist Techniques, and I have found two videos to show that there is no special equipment required. Remember that you can substitute products; watercolour paints would substitute for the water-based inks used in the first video.

VIDEO ONE: Crayon Resist demonstrated by Rachael Grieg from Darkroom Door: 

VIDEO TWO: Vaseline Resist demonstrated by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. 
 (For some reason I can't imbed the video, please use the link)

Over the next week, have a think about the two colours that you want to use. Watch the video tutorials, and experiment with the techniques if you have the supplies (and the time).

See you for more Resist fun next week!

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  1. Love this how do find out about taking part thanks Joy xx

  2. Hi Joy, we aren't posting any new lessons now, but everything is available on this blog. You can work your way through each week,on the right side menu or take a pick'n'mix approach. The Facebook page is still active so you can go there to look and post your own pages. The lessons are available to download from the Facebook group as PDFs. Hope you find something inspiring! HAPPY ARTING.