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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The future of Journal Journey

I am home with a sick child, and the forced break from normal has allowed me to think about where we go from here? I more specifically, Where do I take us from here?
When Journal Journey was born there were three of us to share the load, create lessons and participate in the Facebook group chat. Life being what it is, my fellow Guides had to prioritise health, family and paid work. Now I find myself in the same dilemma.
Returning to full time work was supposed to be a temporary change, but another opportunity has presented itself and I am very excited to be taking on a new challenge in my job. I simply no longer have the time to put together the lessons as they have been.
I am not giving up on Journal Journey! I just want to have more time to participate in the Facebook group because all of you are the reason I enjoy it. So I am not going to be doing the PDFs, I won’t be doing my monthly lesson any more, and the lessons will be considerably shorter.
My new plan is this:
  • Every weekend I will post one technique video and one page prompt.
  • That post will be pinned to the top of the Facebook group for the week.
  • I am encouraging you all to share the Art Journal resources that you are enjoying! Videos, blog posts, tip and tricks, post them all.
This way I can spend some of my weekend PARTICIPATING in the Journey, rather than just writing blog posts. Truthfully, I haven’t Journalled in over a month now, and I MISS IT. This is the reason you haven’t seen anything from me, I haven’t created anything. 
Thanks for understanding! Big hugs...


  1. I appreciate YOU !!! I work full time and teach an altered art class just once-a-month and sometimes I have time issues. I like to plan ahead but sometimes it turns into a few days ahead. But my love for my art keeps me going......

  2. Sure understand. Will follow you on FB and good luck with your opportunities.

  3. Thank you Annielou and Denise. As much as I love blogging about art journaling, I love making art more!

  4. I totally understand and family must always come first. I will keep following on FB but will you keep this blog open please because there is so much information that you have provided for us all that I personally like to dip in and out.
    I look forward to seeing more of your creations on FB
    Many thanks xxx

    1. The Blog is not going anywhere Vanessa, and I will hopefully continue to cross-post the prompt + video here and on FB.